Get to know your Pharmacy

Autumnwood Pharmacy

Autumnwood pharmacy is an independent neighborhood pharmacy, located at 414 Westmount Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The pharmacist and staff at Autumnwood Pharmacy, strive to form lifelong relationships with the patients by getting to know them better and understanding their needs. They always ensure their patients fully understand how their medication works so they can get the most benefit out of them.

Patients can always receive quick, professional advice on their health concerns by contacting the pharmacist who is always eager to show help & support whenever needed.

Come & Visit us at Autumnwood Pharmacy. We will be happy to assist you!

Pharmacy services

We offer a professional, fast & friendly service to our patients. We accept all major insurance plans. Give us a call if you have any question about our services. 

Medication review

If you are having any issues with your current medication, don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with the pharmacist, she will be more than happy to review your medication and discuss it with you.

Prescription counseling

We provide one on one  counselling on prescriptions & over the Counter medicine to ensure all our patients  receive the maximum benefit from their medication.

compliance packaging

Taking more than two medication can be difficult to keep track of sometimes, at Autumnwood Pharmacy, we can help organize your medication for you in compliance packs, this way you will be taking the correct pills in the correct time and day of the week. 


We carry Diabetic Supplies, including Glucometers, Lancets, Strips, needles, insulin syringes. As well as Blood Pressure machines, cuffs & more.

free Rx delivery

We understand how it is convenient to have your medication delivered to your place especially if you are elderly or not feeling well, that’s why we offer  FREE DELIVERY on our prescription medication.

seniors discount (otc)

At Autumnwood Pharmacy, Seniors receive everyday discounts on Over the Counter Products

(Some Restrictions Apply)

diabetes education

If you are newly diagnosed with Diabetes or need help planning your meals & medication intake or don’t know what type of exercise your body needs, Our Pharmacist is available to answer all your questions.